About ProxyMesh and other types of proxies

Proxyserver.com is about ProxyMesh and other types of proxies.

It’s brought to you by the folks behind ProxyMesh. While we obviously are biased and think our rotating proxy service is great, we’ve also learned that there’s many proxy needs that require something different. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of customer questions, and sometimes the best answer is a referral to a different proxy service or software. We want this site to become a useful and (mostly 🙂 ) objective resource to help people learn about the different types of proxy servers and determine what kind of proxy service or software they need. Additionally, we want to recommend other software and services we like and have used while building our proxy business, even if it’s not directly related to proxy services.

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ProxyMesh ISP-Residential Proxy

We do want you to know that ProxyMesh has a proxy server that provides IP addresses from US residential and mobile Internet Service Providers. Here are some highlights:

  • Runs in a datacenter to provide fast speeds & low latency
  • Physically located in New York state
  • 10 IP addresses at a time, rotating once per day
  • Over 300 available IP addresses (for now)


If you have questions or suggestions about this site, the content, or general questions about proxy servers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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