Free Anonymous Proxy Servers Are Too Good to Be True

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It’s a good idea to think twice before using a free anonymous proxy server. A free proxy may hide your identity from most sites. But it could be just be a front for hackers. Hackers could access your personal information, leaving your banking details in the hands of criminals. Free anonymous proxy servers are too good to be true.

This article clarifies the downside of using free proxy servers. 

Data collection

Unencrypted information going through HTTP significantly increases the risk of hackers gaining  access to your personal information. This could include login credentials or credit card details. Once collected, your information can then be sold to marketing companies capable of filtering data and building a profile.

Possibility of infection  

When using free proxy servers, your device may be susceptible to malware. A service offered for free could include ads containing malware intentionally added to help pay for the service. That would leave your device open to infection.

Non-existent service

Reputable developers seldom offer services for free. With little funding, good customer service will not be available with a free proxy. And since countless people will be using the proxies, slow service will be the norm. No one might be there to hold accountable.

Information at high risk

The lack of HTTPS when using a free proxy server puts your information at higher risk. Hackers could be running the service and monitoring your online activity under the guise of providing you with Internet security.

Lack of a privacy policy

In using online services, one of the most important elements is a clear and precise privacy policy. This provides clients with information on methods and reasons data collection and storage, and types of data collected. Most free proxy services do not provide privacy policies. That means you won’t know what information they’re collecting from you and with what intent. It’s best to go with a reliable paid proxy server.

Final thoughts

Using a reliable paid proxy service means you can work worry-free by eliminating the dangers that free proxy servers present. With a clearly written privacy policy, you will know exactly what is happening to your data. And not only will the service be first-class, you can rest assured that your information is secure.

However, sometimes you still want to use open proxy IPs directly. If that’s the case, consider the ProxyMesh Open Proxies API. It does all the reliability and security testing of open proxies so you don’t have to. And it provides open proxy IP lists in a convenient format for your software. The free plan allows you to see what you’re getting before you pay, and the paid plans start at $10/month.

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