How to Scrape Websites without Getting Blocked

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We live in an age where one can access unlimited information with the click of a button. Of course, it’s not always as simple as that. Gathering large amounts of data without reliable proxy servers can easily put you on a website’s blacklist. This article shows you how to scrape websites safely and efficiently.

Use a proxy server

IP address detection is one of the most effective defenses websites use to prevent scraping. And repeatedly using the same IP to scrape a site can result in blocks. A good proxy server can provide you with several IP addresses that rotate automatically. So, you won’t need to worry about IP detection.

Slow down your requests

Websites can easily distinguish bot activity, since bots make requests a lot faster than any human is capable of. As a result, it’s a lot easier to detect bots and block your scraping activities. So, imitate human behavior, for example, by adding randomized intervals between your requests. This will slow down your requests and also prevent server overload.

Headless browsing

Looking at headers is another way websites can easily pick up bot activity. By checking whether or not the client can render a block of JavaScript, the site can detect real browsers. Although you can block running JavaScript, the best option is to use headless browsers. This allows you to ‘look’ like a real browser.

Rotate User-Agent Request Headers

Implementing and rotating User-Agent request headers is good practice. It prevents blocking by making it harder for sites to detect that you’re scraping. Be sure to set a popular User-Agent request header and rotate it occasionally. A user agent is software that is acting on behalf of a computer user such as you. For example, a web browser implements the end user’s actions on web content.

Follow the rules

Stick to the laid-out guidelines. By adhering to the robots.txt file instructions, you can stay off the site’s blacklist and and stay on the server. Guidelines may include which pages you can scrape and how frequently you can scrape websites.

Eliminate hindrances

Scraping data doesn’t need to be complicated. With good processes, you can avoid blocks. The detection techniques that websites use will continue to improve, but so will scraping tools. And that’s why partnering with a good proxy server makes sense. Great service providers offer excellent features and support to scrape websites efficiently without hindrance. 

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