5 Reasons Your Business Should Use a Proxy Server

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Did you know? Global ransomware attacks — publicly reported in the first half of 2023 — totaled 240

Over five years, as reported by Antivirus Guide, the average ransomware payment increased eightfold. This although fewer victims are now willing to pay.

If you think your business is safe because you’re not as large as Sony or Facebook, think again. In 3023 small businesses account for 43 percent of cyberattack victims.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your business? 

Say hello to proxy servers

What are proxy servers?

Proxy servers are the ‘middle-man’ between your company computers and the internet. They are the gateway that separates your devices from the dangers of the web. Proxy servers have a myriad of functionalities which include increasing security, privacy, and protecting your devices from harmful malware. 

Why should you invest in a proxy server?

Organizations and individuals would be wise to invest in a proxy server for the following reasons:

1. To regulate employee internet usage

64% of respondents in a survey carried out by Salary.com said they visit non-work related sites each day at work. Of these, 39% said they spend an hour or less each week cyberloafing, and 3% said they spend well over 10 hours each week on these websites. Setting up a proxy server will help you regulate employee internet usage. You can also configure the proxy server to prevent employees from gaining access to certain sites. 

2. Increase privacy when browsing

You may not want your ISP to know what your organization is browsing or researching. Browse the internet privately by going through proxy servers. Proxy servers such as ProxyMesh use complex algorithms to provide you with several IP addresses that help mask who you are and hide your personal information as well.

3. Gain access to restricted resources

Do you wish to circumvent content restrictions placed upon you by external elements? Login your requests through a proxy server gains you access to blocked websites. Perhaps you live in a country where your government restricts access to certain parts of the internet. A proxy server is the best way to get around these bans.

4. Improve your business’s security

25% of data breaches are caused by employees who either have malicious intent or are simply careless. Setting up proxy servers allows you to significantly improve company security and potentially avoid attacks on your network. On top of providing increased privacy, proxy servers can encrypt your communication so that prying eyes cannot read your requests. Malware can also be filtered out by the proxy server. 

5. Save on bandwidth and improve internet speed

Proxy servers also provide your organization with an efficient way to improve network performance through the use of cache. Sites that you regularly visit will be saved on the proxy server such that whenever you need to access them, instead of sending a request to the website directly, you’ll be redirected to the most recent saved copy of the website. This saves bandwidth without compromising on the entire network’s speed. 

Invest in a tried-and-tested proxy server system

If you want a good proxy server that provides you with all the benefits listed above, it’s imperative that you work with trusted companies like ProxyMesh. We’ve been in the business for many years and have successfully helped thousands of customers from across the globe stay safe while they browse. 

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