5 Signs You Need a Better Proxy Server

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern for everyone in every sector of the economy. The increase in remote work brought about by the global pandemic highlights the need for better cybersecurity. Many security solutions are available, but not all of them perform as advertised. That’s true even of proxy services. Not all can offer reliable proxy servers. Let’s talk about some of the red flags you might encounter — and 5 signs you need a better proxy server.

Poor quality service

Are you constantly dealing with a slow connection? Then you may need a better service. Poor quality proxies usually have too many people using them, compromising service delivery. Free proxies attract hordes of users. Moreover, free proxy services have no incentive to maintain their equipment and offer high-quality support. Worse, in case of crashes or infections, you’re likely to get no support at all.

Getting blocked

To manage big data, it’s critical for businesses to create innovative, data-backed strategies. And web scraping is key to obtaining the information you need swiftly, in an orderly manner. So, you’ll need to avoid getting blocked by websites where you’d find that information. Because low-quality proxy servers are prone to blocks, you have a compelling reason to look for a better proxy server.

Presence of malware

You may not even be aware of malware’s presence until it suddenly creates havoc. Some proxies may monitor your online activities. If they have with the wrong intent, they can inject viruses in your sessions, or spam, with frequent pop-up advertisements – be careful about clicking on them. Notifications that people are trying to access your accounts from other countries could mean attempts to steal your data. If these things can happen even though you have reliable anti-malware solutions installed, you may need a better proxy server.

Unfavorable reviews

Nowadays, when you need to purchase a product or service, it’s relatively easy to find information to help you decide. Platforms like social media and online forums are great places to read reviews on products and services. This vastly simplifies the task of choosing a proxy server. Reading reviews by other users, one can quickly determine whether a proxy server is worth using. If the reviews are unfavorable, you might look elsewhere.

Annoying ads and popups

Most people deplore an endless barrage of ads and popups. They can make the web browsing process tedious and mentally exhausting. Not to mention that they slow down web performance.  If your proxy server allows such a barrage, a change in service provider may be desirable.

Wrap up

Proxy servers are key components of an effective cybersecurity strategy. They help to enhance your security posture and keep nefarious online elements at bay. However, not all proxy servers provide the kind of service that your business needs. For that, you need a secure, reliable proxy server, one that can safeguard your privacy as well as your data. Do your research, look at reviews and privacy policies, and select a proxy service that has a good track record.

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