Free Anonymous Proxy Servers Are Too Good To Be True

All that glitters is not gold. Now, this may be an overused cliché but it rings no less true in today’s world of amazing, irresistible offers that seem so hard to turn down.

Labeling something as free may just be a way to lure you in and before you know it, your personal information has been hacked and your banking details are in the hands of criminals.

In this article, we will attempt to clarify for you why free proxy servers should have you running in the opposite direction. 

Data collection

With unencrypted information going through HTTP, the risk of hackers possibly getting access to information such as login credentials or credit card details is significantly increased. Once your information has been collected, it can then be sold off to marketing companies capable of filtering data and building a profile on you. Knowing that you should seriously think twice before using a free proxy.

Your device may get infected

One of the worst consequences of using free proxy servers is that your device may end up picking up malware. With the service being offered for free, ads may be injected into the content to help pay for the service. And if there is no meticulous vetting being carried out, as is likely the case, hackers may throw into the mix some ads containing malware.

Hackers themselves may be running the service and could intentionally be looking to infect your devices with malware. Either way, the point is a free proxy server may keep you hidden from most eyes but may deliver you into some very bad hands. 

Non-existent service

Most developers are not looking to create services to be offered for free so with not much funding available, chances are world-class customer service won’t be part of the offer. Add to that the countless people who are using the service and you will most likely have a very bad, very slow service with no one to hold accountable. Risking your information for such poor service certainly cannot be worth it.

Put yourself under surveillance

The lack of HTTPS should be a concern for anyone looking to use a free proxy server as it puts your information at higher risk. And without knowing who it is that is running the service, you may have criminals looking to monitor your online activity under the guise of providing you with internet security. So essentially when using a free proxy server you are trusting the service provider to be an honest and upstanding citizen. Is that really a risk worth taking?

Lack of a privacy policy

When using online services, one of the most important elements is a clear and precise privacy policy. This provides clients with information on how data is collected and stored, and what kind of data is collected and why. With most free proxies not providing privacy policies, it should immediately raise alarm bells with you as this means that you are unaware of what information is being collected from you and with what intention. Sticking to a reliable paid proxy server is the sure way to go.

Free can be expensive

As some people would say, ‘if something is being offered to you for free, then you are most likely the product’. In the world we live in today, looking for a bargain is something most people engage in, however, always remember to be wary because often when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.