How To Stay Safe Online

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Looking for more ways to protect your data online? Keeping your data safe online requires as much thought as protecting your home. Combining tools like proxy servers, password managers, and ad blockers can improve your online safety considerably.  This article shows how to stay safe online using several security devices.

Proxy servers

Signing up with a good, reliable proxy server is a great way to start. A proxy provides a layer of security and anonymity between you and the Internet by keeping your identity hidden. This subsequently makes it difficult for cybercriminals to access your information.

Password managers

Nowadays, most of us have several online accounts that we use. In particular, email accounts, online banking accounts, and social media accounts just to mention a few. And because they are so many, a lot of people will use the same password for several accounts. Big mistake!

In the event that a hacker manages to get that password, it leaves you vulnerable. That’s why you need a password manager to add an extra layer of security. Using tools like LastPass allows you to have as many long, complex passwords as you want, making it easy to create great passwords without needing to remember them.  

Two-factor authentication

Another way to further increase your safety online is by using two-factor authentication (2FA). This method requires a ‘second factor’ for online access. One method involves using a one-time-only passcode on your mobile phone with authenticator software like Authy. Alternatively, you can use an actual physical device like YubiKey or Trezor, which plug into your computer to generate the unique passcode. 

Ad blockers

We’ve all experienced ads popping up everywhere when surfing the internet. And some of those ads will track you and your browsing habits. Ad blockers like the browser add-on Privacy Badger  remove the countless ads that you encounter as you browse the web. And this tool also blocks malicious advertisers as well as other common tracking cookies.


Good anti-virus software like Bitdefender plays a significant role in keeping you safe online. It provides superior protection against phishing attacks and malware, besides identifying malicious websites. And it blends in beautifully with other security measures to provide you with the necessary data security.

Keeping yourself covered

Data breaches can be catastrophic. Using safety measures while online protects you from having your activities tracked and from cybercriminals trying to steal your data. Investing in the tools mentioned in this article will go a long way toward keeping your data safe.