Pros and Cons Of Data Center Proxies

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Data center proxies are private proxies that offer you secure IP authentication and a high degree of anonymity. Unaffiliated with internet service providers (ISPs), they do not directly connect you to the internet. Instead, they provide you with a third-party IP address, positioned between you and the internet. This article presents the pros and cons of data center proxies.


Protect your location

One of the great features of  data center proxies is that your IP address is not coming from an ISP, so your location remains hidden. This ensures secure and anonymous completion of whatever business you need to conduct online. And location anonymity helps you to access geo-restricted content.

A large number of IP addresses

Data centers operate like IP farms, providing large volumes of IP addresses available for your use. This is a great advantage for your scraping activities, providing many IP addresses to use and then discard rapidly.

Great proxy speed

Unaffiliated with internet service providers, data center proxies do not have the speed limitations that residential proxies have. They are capable of very high speeds, to complete your work quickly and efficiently.


Data center proxies are far more affordable than residential proxies. This is a great alternative for users, especially for start-up businesses with limited budgets. Buying multiple proxies in bulk for around $100 a month gives you a cost-effective way to conduct your online business safely and anonymously.


Less variety of IPs

Data center proxies lack the variety and diversity of residential proxy IPs. They are not as useful in avoiding geo-restrictions. Data center proxies’ IPs all share the same sub-networks of the data center in which they were created. That can make it easier for websites to identify and ban them. However, you can avoid blacklisting once you learn to effectively adjust the speed and timing of your requests, and especially if you distribute your requests across multiple proxy servers.

Bottom line

Security and anonymity on the Internet is of paramount importance to avoid theft of sensitive information by hackers. Data center proxies clearly offer many useful advantages to protect your data and ensure your privacy on the internet.  

ProxyMesh ISP-Residential Proxy

ProxyMesh has a proxy server that provides IP addresses from US residential and mobile Internet Service Providers. They combine benefits of both data center and residential IPs. Here are some highlights:

  • Runs in a datacenter to provide fast speeds & low latency
  • Physically located in New York state
  • 10 IP addresses at a time, rotating once per day
  • Over 300 available IP addresses (for now)

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