Residential Proxies – A Growing Trend Worth Considering

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Advances in technology, especially cloud computing, are greatly improving the way businesses can operate. Along with this comes a potential increase in the vulnerability of your network, given the number and variety of current cyberthreats. It is of utmost importance that we all improve our security posture. A great early step would be to sign up for a reliable proxy server, immediately enhancing your data security. Let’s look at residential proxies – a growing trend worth considering.

Greater degree of security

Proxy servers offer you anonymity by acting as intermediaries between you and the Internet. All types of proxies are designed to perform this intermediary function, but residential proxies deliver it with a bonus: They provide you with genuine IP addresses from ISPs with real devices, rather than the made-up addresses from some other proxy types. You can connect with these real addresses and reroute your traffic to remote sites. With a genuine IP masking your own address, you’re less likely to arouse suspicion.

Choosing a residential proxy

A simple search on the Internet will lead you to many free proxies. But you don’t really need a free proxy. It could be riskier to use a free one than not use a proxy at all. So, first thing, select a quality, paid proxy service provider. When you choose a provider and sign up, you get access to a pool of IP addresses from the locations of your choice. The size of the available pool will depend on your needs and on the pricing plans. Once you’re set up, you can use your proxy management tool or web scraper and enjoy the freedom and security on offer.

Types available

You can find rotating residential proxies or static residential proxies. Your needs determine the choice. If you plan on web scraping, then rotating proxies are the right choice. That’s because proxies rotate on a set schedule, simplifying many tasks and significantly reducing the risk of IP blocks.

For other purposes, static residential proxies are best. For example, when scraping social media, you need to use the same IP address for the entire operation to avoid detection.

Grow your business

Market research is crucial to all businesses. The more relevant data you can get, and the quicker you get it, the better. Residential proxies can help through high-speed web scraping projects, with high-level anonymity to prevent disruption. You can transform your digital marketing with expanded outreach capability. Over time, you can have better SEO rankings and attract more clients.

Wrap up

Many people are familiar with proxy servers as tools for sneaker-shopping or watching geo-restricted television shows. Beyond these important capabilities, proxies offer many practical applications for businesses. Enhancing your cybersecurity posture, doing market research, and improving your SEO ranking. are among the many advantages a secure, reliable residential proxy server can provide you. You just might want to look into one today.

ProxyMesh ISP-Residential Proxy

ProxyMesh has a proxy server that provides IP addresses from US residential and mobile Internet Service Providers. Here are some highlights:

  • Runs in a datacenter to provide fast speeds & low latency
  • Physically located in New York state
  • 10 IP addresses at a time, rotating once per day
  • Over 300 available IP addresses (for now)