The Benefits of Elite Proxies

proxy network connect screen

Modern technologies have had a significant impact on the way we conduct business. Technological advances have allowed businesses to operate at a higher level, even transforming the modern workplace. But, as we continue to reap the benefits of the Internet, cybercrime is also increasing. Hence the need to implement effective security protocols, to safeguard our data. Reliable proxy servers give us a great start. Proxies instantly improve your security, acting as a go-between for your device when accessing the Internet. But, with so many types of proxy servers to choose from, why elite proxies? What are the benefits of elite proxies?


Proxy servers function as intermediaries that your requests pass through before reaching the target server. By providing you with an alternative IP address, a proxy server maintains your online anonymity.

Many important use cases are best supported by high levels of proxy anonymity. And with elite proxy servers, also known as high-anonymity proxy servers, you get the utmost level of anonymity compared to other types of proxies. This type of proxy will not only alter your IP address but will also hide the fact that you’re using a proxy server.

Key advantage

Requests that you pass from your own IP address to the proxy include several standard headers:

  • Authorization
  • From
  • Proxy-Authorization
  • Proxy-Connection
  • Via
  • X-Forwarded-For

By design, elite proxies – also called Level 1 proxies – do not pass these headers along to the target server. If they did, the target server would detect a proxy. The elite-level anonymity provided by an alternative IP address is the elite proxy’s greatest advantage over other types of proxies, making it seem as though you’re not using a proxy server but are actually using your real IP address. Also, it may periodically rotate the proxied IP address – a further enhancement to your security, making it less likely that you’ll be detected and blocked.

Limiting factors

Still, you may encounter a few limitations with elite proxies, depending partly on your service provider. Cost is the biggest concern. Since these are high-quality proxies, you’ll likely pay more than for other paid proxies. And you should definitely steer clear of the free ones! Nobody gives away this kind of service. Any ‘free elite proxies’ out there are very likely a trap looking to steal your personal data.

Another concern: Elite proxies may not be as fast as the other types of proxies. But, with good quality proxies that won’t be much of an issue.

Important considerations

The needs of your business are the important thing to consider in choosing which type of proxy server. For example, if you’re looking to bypass local censorship, then you may not need an elite proxy. But you will need one for foreign sites with exacting geo-restrictions. Look into the various types of proxy servers to find what’s ideal for your situation.

Improved user experience

Given the heavy demands of Internet users today, most public proxies just aren’t going to be good enough. You need proxy servers from reliable, reputable service providers such as ProxyMesh. They can offer you elite level proxies, guarantee a high degree of cybersecurity, and operate with unquestionable efficiency. Now, while stories of elaborate cybercrime are inundating the news, you can’t afford to leave your security to chance.

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