The Pros and Cons of Open Proxies

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A proxy server sits between your computer and other computers on the internet. An open proxy server, as its name suggests, is accessible to anyone.  This open access may be due to intentional configuration to allow any Internet user to access it. Or instead it may result from improper configuration of a private proxy, leaving it with open access. In this blog, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of open proxies.



To start off, an open proxy can help you maintain your privacy and remain anonymous on the Internet. That’s one important reason people choose open proxies. The proxy server masks your original IP address, making your requests appear to originate from the proxy. This offers some degree of online protection. However, many open proxies can reveal your IP address in other ways. So it’s important to confirm the masking of your IP address.


For a lot of people seeking online security, the convenience provided by open proxies is part of the attraction. Widely available and mostly free, they’re a fantastic option for you to easily and quickly set up proxy service.



Arguably the biggest disadvantage of an open proxy is vulnerability. Any service that’s open to any and every Internet user will inevitably attract some unsavory characters. And a bad actor could inject content into your web requests, changing the original content, or adding javascript that can spy on your activity or perform actions on your behalf. These actions can be used for identity theft, to steal passwords, or to distribute malware.


Another thing to be wary of with open proxies is the likelihood of their keeping tabs on all your internet activity. Definitely not a good thought!  You may want to stick to service providers with privacy policies that are clear about what usage logs they keep, and why. An open proxy has no such policy, and no incentive to maintain your privacy.


In addition, open proxies do not have a reputation for high availability and reliability. They are often slow and unavailable. Many lists of working open proxies change all the time, so you need to be consistently checking and rechecking open proxies to be sure you have a working connection.


We live in an era of rapid technological advancement, where the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, robust security is a must-have for browsing the Internet, just as it is for your home. Moreover, given the potential for illegally accessing your sensitive information, you can’t overstate the importance of a good proxy service . Open proxies come with some good and some not-so-good attributes. With the pros and cons laid out before you, the choice is yours.

ProxyMesh Open Proxy and API

The open proxy provided by ProxyMesh addresses many of the issues above. ProxyMesh checks the open proxies every 15 minutes to determine speed, reliability, and avoid any content injection. And since the requests are not coming directly from your computer, the service protects your privacy. Every ProxyMesh subscription. includes free access to this open proxy.

Or, if you prefer to get these open proxy IPs directly, checkout the ProxyMesh Open Proxy API. The IPs provided in the API are the same ones as in the ProxyMesh open proxy, but you get direct access the IPs in a convenient format for your software.