Using Proxy Sub-Accounts for Marketing Strategies

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Do you want to stand out from your competition? To offer a range of products and services for targeted audiences? Do you need to provide clients with strong security and anonymity, but avoid the hassle of multiple accounts? Then consider using proxy sub-accounts for marketing strategies.

Sub-accounts offer the convenience of logging into just one main account to handle your needs. And they’re a great way to increase market exposure. This article outlines the advantages of using sub-accounts.

How sub-accounts work

Once you purchase access to a proxy server, you may have the option of adding sub-accounts. These are set apart under your main account. Not every proxy server supports sub-accounts, but those that do have certain common features. Each sub-account can have its own IP address and username to facilitate separate usage tracking. And to access sub-account information, you only have to log in once to your main account.

Who can benefit from using sub-accounts

Anyone with a multi-faceted business can benefit from sub-accounts. For instance, if your business involves web crawling or screen scraping and you have several clients, using sub-accounts for each client provides them security and anonymity. It also allows you to track their bandwidth usage and bill each account separately and accurately.

If you market on social media, a good proxy service can provide you with IPs to mask your identity. And using sub-accounts allows you to reach a larger number of potential customers by marketing different aspects of your business to target audiences.

Analysis of your competition

You can use different sub-accounts to gather information about your competition by earmarking each sub-account for a different competitor. This makes it easier to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, which helps you identify your competitive advantage and grow your business.

Using sub-accounts with multiple proxies

Sending too many requests from a single proxy may get you blocked. But with a reliable proxy service like ProxyMesh, you can connect your sub-account to multiple proxies. This distributes your requests over a broader range of servers.

Are sub-accounts right for you?

Sub-accounts are a great tool for increasing your marketing exposure. They help you organize your marketing accounts and simplify budgeting. And they make analyzing marketing trends and analysis of your competition an easy task.

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