Using a Physical Mail Proxy to Protect Your Privacy

Post office boxes

Being able to access your mail is essential for businesses and individuals alike. You want important documents or packages that are sent to you to reach you at the earliest convenience. But you also want privacy, especially when you need to share or publish your address. With a virtual mailbox, because it operates out of a real brick-and-mortar building, you get a real physical street address for receiving mail, that’s separate from your home address. And all your mail can be forwarded to you regardless of where you may be. Let’s look at using a physical mail proxy to protect your privacy.

Added Convenience

When you use a virtual mailbox, you need not worry about physically checking for your postal mail. Services such as Traveling Mailbox can scan your postal mail for you so you can read it online, and then they will either forward the item to you, shred it, return it, or hold it. This means that whenever you’re traveling, you don’t have to worry about important documents not reaching you. You can access your mail anytime, anywhere.

Maintain your Privacy

Privacy is especially important for small start-ups and home-based businesses that may be operating from private residences. Because your home doubles as your business premises, you’ll need to openly publish that address on all correspondence. This may not be ideal for security reasons, so by providing you with a real physical address, a virtual mailbox service solves this problem. Some services even provide real meeting spaces so that you avoid meeting clients in your home.

Check Services

A virtual mailbox service provider like Traveling Mailbox can also improve your cash flow by mailing any checks you receive directly to your bank. You’ll avoid having to make a trip to the bank but still get your checks deposited as quickly as possible.

Simplify Moving

When most of your mail is going to a virtual mailbox, moving your home or business becomes much simpler. You won’t have to change your address on dozens of sites or worry about losing mail. All you’ll need to do is update the virtual mailbox forwarding address once you’re ready to receive mail at your new location.

Wrap up

Virtual mailboxes come with many potential benefits:

  • scan & shred mail
  • protect privacy
  • deposit checks
  • simplify address changes

Services like Traveling Mailbox are a great investment to streamline your personal and business mail while protecting the privacy of you and your family.

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