5 Tips for Successfully Using a Proxy with Phantombuster

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Using Phantombuster with a proxy increases the productivity and automation of processes for digital marketers, growth hackers, recruiters, and developers. It also provides ready-made cloud-based APIs for social media, as well as many other platforms, giving access to their data and automating actions on their websites. Phantombuster is an ideal way for creative, non-technical people to set up automatic, efficient growth strategies.  This article shares 5 tips for successfully using a proxy with PhantomBuster.

Why the need for a proxy?

Phantombuster is a cloud-based platform with an address in the Western part of the United States. This poses challenges for anyone using Phantombuster outside of this particular region, as a constantly changing location will likely suspend your social media accounts. Using Phantombuster with a proxy service allows you to choose a proxy located in your own geographical area.

1. Choose a paid proxy

A successful strategy begins with your choice of a proxy server. Plenty of free proxies are available, but some may compromise your privacy and security. For quality service, security, and peace of mind, it makes sense to sign up with a dependable service that fits your business needs.

2. Privacy protection

In considering a proxy service, it’s important to know just how secure the proxy server platform is. Be sure to read the fine print before engaging a proxy service. Be aware of what may be on the hardware of any service provider you are considering. This can help you avoid a provider that is simply looking to harvest your private data.

3. Use a proxy with IP rotation

Choose a service that provides IP rotation. Rotating IP addresses make it difficult for remote sites to identify you. With this advantage, you can avoid rate-limiting and carry on your research without risk of being blocked from a website.

4. Look for fast and reliable proxy servers

To avoid frustrating delays, select a paid service that offers fast and reliable proxy servers. Free proxies are likely to be overcrowded, bringing slow speeds and the possibility of unexpected crashes which can be very costly.

5. Protect yourself from risk

Use a proxy service that provides full disclosure on its operations. If you use an unreliable service, you are exposing your devices to a significant risk of malicious malware, as well as viruses.

The bottom line

Phantombuster offers a very simple, effective and easy-to-use product that combines data-scraping and social media automation.  Phantombuster’s APIs allow you to realize full potential when using a proxy. And signing up with a proxy service provides you with everything you need to start automating your growth.