Bypassing CAPTCHAs with Scraper API

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Web scraping provides businesses with a long list of benefits. From generating leads to optimization of prices, scraping has the potential to completely transform your business. But, faced with anti-scraping measures, you need to practice good scraping etiquette. A good proxy server can help you avoid most problems. Still, CAPTCHAS can be a huge challenge to your scraping software, even halt your scraping operations. So, can a tool like Scraper API help you out?

What is Scraper API?

Scraper API is a proxy API for web scraping, capable of handling proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. A simple API call enables you to get the HTML from any web page. It vastly streamlines scraping by offering support for multiple platforms including Bash, NodeJS, Python/Scrapy, PHP, Ruby, and Java. Also, you’ll find a large pool of residential IPs – more than 20 million – making it highly unlikely that you’ll end up on a blacklist. The app is designed for easy use, and the availability of Excel and CSV formats for output allows you to use it according to your needs.

How to use Scraper API?

To get started using Scraper API, you need to go to their website and sign up. Use coupon code PR10 for 10% off. Then you’ll be provided with an API key to use on the Scraper platform. You simply call the API with the URL that you intend to scrape and you’ll receive the raw HTML of the page. As you can see below, it’s not complicated:

curl “

To fully commit, most users require a satisfactory test of the platform. Scraper API gives you 1,000 free API calls with all of its features available – more than enough for evaluation purposes. Several subscription plans are available to choose from, starting at as little as $29 a month.

What are the key features?

  • Efficient CAPTCHA-resolving service eliminates the need to worry about scraping roadblocks.
  • Geo-targeting ensures that you get specific IP addresses for accessing the websites that you want without restrictions.
  • Service provides 24/7 expert customer support via email or live chat.
  • Easy to use dashboard means that you can easily monitor and track your usage.
  • You benefit from a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as proxies with speeds of up to 100Mb/s.

Why use Scraper API?

Scraper API offers something different from your usual web scraping. One of its major advantages is convenience. Thanks to its design, you won’t have to deal with proxies or web scraping tools. And, as mentioned, a product like Scraper API handles CAPTCHAS, permitting you a smooth operation. Another benefit for your business is the ability to quickly collect data in real time and have it ready for analysis. Also, it has vast scaling capability, a truly valuable feature in a web scraping API.

What’s the bottom line?

Any business can benefit enormously when it’s able to quickly gather reliable data. With the technology available, the key is to collect information as efficiently as possible, while avoiding blocks such as CAPTCHAS. The Scraper API technology can provide you with just about everything you need to run successful scraping operations. Some may even say that it’s part of the evolution of scraping.

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