How Do Proxies Gather Sales Intel for Your Business?

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Whatever your line of business, it’s likely the competition for clients is growing stiffer by the day. And prospective customers are overwhelmed with information from constantly evolving technology. In this environment, how does your business distinguish itself? The answer: sales intelligence. So, how do proxies gather sales intel for your business?

You need real-world insights to help you come up with effective strategies. But getting this information manually is no small task. A proxy can be instrumental in anonymously gathering the intel you need while avoiding potential obstacles. Let’s look at how proxies can help your business get the sales intelligence you need.

Why you need proxies

Most website owners feel uneasy about people spending excessive time on their site. That’s especially true if those visitors are their competitors. But with a proxy, the visitor’s identity is hidden behind an alternative IP address.

Moreover, when IP addresses are frequently rotated, a site visit by one IP doesn’t appear too long. That’s another layer of protection. So, a proxy server is crucial in allowing you to anonymously gather sales intel without the risk of websites blocking you.

Gathering sales intelligence

Manually gathering intelligence can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Automating the process lightens your workload and makes it more cost-effective. You can really enhance efficiency if you add in workflow automation and scaling from service providers like Sales Hub. You can set up a proxy server to work in tandem with the automation component and get sales intel smoothly.

Collecting intel from numerous websites will likely require you to employ web scraping software. With these tools, you can extract large amounts of data from websites and store the information on your computer in the form of spreadsheets.

Automating your scraping schedule and operating under the cover of your proxy server will make for a highly efficient process. It’s fast, simple, and cost-effective. A thorough analysis of the data you collect can lead to powerful marketing strategies for your business.

To gather sales intelligence effectively, you must follow certain protocols. Without them, you won’t get far. For example, some websites won’t allow you to copy and paste. So,, even if you wanted to manually collect data, it wouldn’t be possible. Web scraping software in combination with a proxy server is essential to overcoming hurdles like this.

Leveraging technology

Big data is rapidly growing in popularity as businesses recognize the benefits they can reap. Growth strategies backed by real-world insights can positively transform your business. And that alone is reason enough to get your business a proxy server.

The combination of great cybersecurity and reliable sales intel with a tool like Sales Hub can be a foundation for your organization to attain significant growth. The information you need is readily available with a few mouse clicks.

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