How ScrapingBee Makes Web Scraping Easier

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Every business can find ways to improve its operations. For Internet businesses, web scraping can be a strategic element, facilitating lead generation, customer profiling, price optimization, and more. Businesses today are leveraging the power of the Internet to gain even the slightest advantage. And you need to make use of every tool available to you.

A good proxy service is indispensable for web scraping. But in web scraping, certain challenges come up routinely. Let’s look at ScrapingBee, which offers tools to help with those issues.

Using headless Chrome

Headless Chrome – a popular browser without a graphical user interface – is easy to use. But your manual tasks increase if you need to scale to dozens of Chrome instances in production. Then, you may encounter challenges such as zombie processes and random crashes. ScrapingBee has powerful servers that can easily handle thousands of headless instances using the latest Chrome version. This frees you to focus on data extraction without having to manage concurrent headless browsers.

Proxy server rotation

Websites now implement measures that make scraping increasingly difficult. These include IP rate limits and browser fingerprinting techniques. ScrapingBee helps you reduce the chances of websites blocking you. You issue a simple API call and the software takes it from there, with a vast pool of proxies, rotation of user agents, and other tools.

Ways to use ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee gives us three main ways that this platform can be used:

  • General Web Scraping – This tool works very well – without websites blocking you – for general web scraping activities such as real estate scraping, price-monitoring, and extraction of reviews.
  • Search Engine Result Page – For SEO, keyword monitoring, or backlink checking. Rate limiting makes scraping search engine result pages a very challenging task. However, with a large proxy pool available from ScrapingBee, it becomes relatively simple.
  • Growth Hacking – Lead generation, extracting contact information, or social media. You can even use ScrapingBee directly from your lead list on Google Sheets.

Tell them what you need

Those of us who are not developers – can they also benefit from this tool? Yes. If you’re not a developer, you can simply get in touch with the team, describe what you need, and they’ll create custom scripts/projects for you.

What about request failures? ScrapingBee will not charge you for any unsuccessful requests.

These features aim to simplify the web scraping process for you by eliminating as many complications as possible.

Scraping simplified

With the growing need for up-to-date information, businesses need to be constantly looking at ways to obtain it effectively. Your response to delays and blocks you may encounter in web scraping can make the difference between growing as a business and stagnating.

You need reliable tools to enable you to work optimally. These tools include premium quality proxy servers and efficient web scraping software such as ScrapingBee. Information rules in business, but, in the tools that get you that information, quality is imperative.