Using Scraper API to Build Scalable Web Scrapers

Scraper API screen

Web scraper software is all about gathering large amounts of data from the Internet. You can store this information in the format of your choice, ready for thorough analysis. But for maximum efficiency, you need something like Scraper API to help you build scalable web scrapers.

Simplifies automation

Developers have had to spend significant time and effort managing the various complexities that come with web scraping. Scraper API manages those complexities for you through automation. To start the process, you need only make a simple API call. Scraper API handles functions like rendering JavaScript with headless browsers, automating IP rotation, and managing CAPTCHAs.


To easily scale your web scrapers and operate efficiently, you must be able to fully customize your process. Scraper API makes it simple to customize IP geolocation, request headers, and request types. Moreover, you can create sessions enabling reuse of IP addresses. With information-gathering, time is of the essence. This kind of customization means your software can get far more done in less time.

Increase speeds

Often, developers building software find themselves constrained by speed limitations. Scraper API offsets this constraint by providing unlimited bandwidth for every proxy, and proxy speeds of up to 100Mb/s, so that you can write significantly faster web crawlers. And, when needed, Scraper API eliminates slow-performing proxies from its operation. The company only charges you for successful requests, so your costs will likely go down while your productivity goes up.

Millions of IPs

A large pool of IP addresses is indispensable to large-scale scraping projects. Scraper API offers its clients 20 million IPs. Moreover, the software retries failed requests. With IPs from different ISPs across different countries, IP reliability significantly increases while the chances of IP blocks are drastically reduced. This kind of security is important when you’re building your web scrapers to be scalable and highly productive.

Wrap up

If developers can leverage the best technology available to them, the quality of their service to clients will be vastly enhanced. Their work will also be simplified. The already huge demand for data-gathering will only continue to grow. So it’s important to team up with partners that can offer great service such as ProxyMesh and Scraper API. You can use code PR10 when you signup for ScraperAPI to get 10% off.

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